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Who's the PHCO team?

Hey! My name is Jen.

As far back as I can remember, I've always enjoyed taking on thousands of projects at the same time. Entrepreneurship motivates me.

I hesitated for a long time before creating Petit Hurricane Co., but when Braxton, my son, was born in 2018, I started to look for plain clothes for my boy and I quickly understood that the challenge was daunting. A lot of designs, drawings, and prints. But almost nothing in just a plain color.

I slowly began to immerse myself in the research and development of products for little ones, in order to initially meet my own preferences in terms of baby clothes. Braxton was a very good model and he made me want to share this passion with you.

Only one year after opening pre-orders for our first two PHCO signature products, the t-shirt and the sweatshirt, here we are with our own boutique in the heart of Prévost.

A dream.

Filled with baby items (and for the family) from mainly Quebec and Canadian brands focused on eco-responsibility, the store represents for me a place where you can always find what you are looking for while encouraging great local brands and companies.

In addition, there is also a place where you can unwind , something that parents badly need. There's a place to breastfeed, there's a place to heat your bottle in the microwave, there's a place for all the parenting choices you make and it's always without judgement.

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Coffee, plants and baby things. Me, those are my passions and that's what I missed when I was on maternity leave.

Looking forward to welcoming you there soon ♡

The PHCO dream team

Yohan Noël

Braxton Noël-Duff

Chief product tester

Athena Kyriacou

Director, Marketing


Janie Caumartin

Manager, events & business development


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Amélie Blais

Sales associate