#womenofphco - 8 choses que vous ignorez de Janie

#womenofphco - 8 things you didn\'t know about Janie

Here we are back with a new episode in the #womenofphco series 🌿

During the month of March, the team will share a series of episodes (and blog 😉) to introduce you to all the women (dsl Yohan) behind the PHCO brand. We will show you our daily life, answer your questions and take you to the store with us.

And the second to do it is me: Janie, the event and development manager of the store!

Psst: If you haven\'t seen my episode yet, click below:



And if you\'ve seen it before, here are the 8 things you might not know about me!

#1 👩‍🌾🦶🤚

I like (even prefer) gardening barefoot, without gloves.


#2 📝

I am a list woman. I have lists for everything, everything, everything!


#3 🕷🐜🐞

I like insects... even spiders. But I\'m really afraid of wasps!


#4 🌿🍃

It is in nature that I feel the best.


#5 🧑👩🧑👩👧👩🐶🐶👱‍♂️

My family is the most precious thing to me.


#6 ❄️🌸☀️🍂

I am unable to name my favorite season because I like the particularities of each of them.


#7 👻💗🎄

I love parties (Halloween, Christmas, Valentine\'s Day) and traditions... and I always start decorating for Christmas on November 1st!


#8 ☮️

I am an epicurean at heart!



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- Janie

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