8 chose que vous ignorez sur melyna - Petit Hurricane Co. #womenofphco

#womenofphco - 8 things you didn\'t know about Mélyna

Here we are back with a new episode in the #womenofphco series 🌿

During the month of March, the team will share a series of episodes (and blog 😉) to introduce you to all the women (dsl Yohan) behind the PHCO brand. We will show you our daily life, answer your questions and take you to the store with us.

And the fourth to do it, it\'s me:Deep, official ambassador of the shop !

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And if you\'ve seen it before, here are the 8 things you might not know about me!

#1 👶🏼🤍

My Evan is my precious and my greatest pride!


#2 🙃

I have the worst cheats (ex: every pacifier has to fit with Evan\'s outfit AND even his pajamas).


#3 😖🌙

I\'m afraid to sleep alone at night.


#4 🤩

I\'m a super perfectionist (it goes with the tocs tséééééé).


#5 🥺

I am a little anxious / stressed by nature and very very sensitive.


#6 ❤️👧🏼

For me, my family is so important ❤️ My goddaughter, Marine is my 2nd greatest pride. I love her like she\'s mine (the most perfect little girl 💗).


#7 🛍

I am literally a compulsive buyer.


#8 🏡

I bought my condo at the age of 20 and we hope for the house soon!!! 🤞🏼



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- Deep

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