#womenofphco - 8 choses que vous ignorez de Jennifer

#womenofphco - 8 things you didn\'t know about Jennifer

Our first blog! wooooooo... FINALLY 🥳

During the month of March, the team will share a series of episodes (and blog 😉) to introduce you to all the women (dsl Yohan) behind the PHCO brand. We will show you our daily life, answer your questions and take you to the store with us.

And the first, well it\'s me, Jennifer, the owner!

Psst: If you haven\'t seen my episode yet, click below:



And if you\'ve seen it before, here are the 8 things you might not know about me!

#1 🎓

I have a certificate from UQO in Administration that I completed in 4 years part-time to work full-time at the same time.


#2 2️⃣9️⃣

I\'m 29 years old. I\'m in my last year in my twenties, lord!


#3 📚

I love to read books on health research, food, sports and neuropsychology.


#4 😶

I have GAD with hypersensitivity.


#5 🧒

My little one is my greatest pride.


#6 🔒

My circle of friends is very small. For me, it is difficult to open my heart.


#7 🏋️‍♀️

Victoria Kult changed my life and I love it. I lost 67 lbs in one year thanks to her! 😳


#8 🏡

One of my dreams is to have a chalet where I can invite all the people I love.



Thank you for supporting the store! You allow me to live a dream and I am eternally grateful.

Be sure to follow us on Instagram - we share the second episode next week. And this time it will be Janie the star 😉


- Jennifer

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