#womenofphco - 8 choses que vous ignorez de Ari

#womenofphco - 8 things you didn\'t know about Ari

Here we are back with a new episode in the #womenofphco series 🌿

During the month of March, the team will share a series of episodes (and blog 😉) to introduce you to all the women (dsl Yohan) behind the PHCO brand. We will show you our daily life, answer your questions and take you to the store with us.

And the third to do it, it\'s me: Ari, the official photographer of the shop !

Psst: If you haven\'t seen my episode yet, click below:

And if you\'ve seen it before, here are the 8 things you might not know about me!

#1 🥑🍌🥥

I could live off of smoothie bowls. It\'s way too good!


#2 🍛🍶

I love buying new dishes! My dream is to have crockery from each country (!!??) Lord, I\'m an adult, but so self-assured.


#3 🕺👦💗

Not surprisingly, my Éloi d\'amour is my whole world. Little prodigy and lover of life. He does my soul good (🕺 aka best dancer ever)


#4 🌿🍃

I love activities outdoors (so much that I almost included it twice in my list 😅) But sport, no matter which one, makes me feel very good. It takes out the bad guy and it relaxes my mind.


#5 ⚡️

I can\'t live without Guru. Me who said a year ago: I\'m never going to drink that in my whole life. Never say never gang, I swear anything can change along the way.


#6 📦🚛

I\'m addicted to packages. I buy something on the web, I receive the box two weeks later and I think of Christmas. Looks like a pandemic classic. Promise I\'m not even the only one who\'s like that. Guilty free? Very probable.


#7 📸

Still zero surprising, but I\'m a photography enthusiast. I\'ve been learning every day for almost a year. I study photography too. She brought me a lot of light in the darkest days.


#8 👖🧦

If I had a uniform, it would be my 4x too big jeans and my Aritzia stockings. Without that, it\'s like not me it seems. People who know me will approve on the spot.



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- Ari

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